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Prevent Houdini From showing hidden folders


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When I choose File->New or File->Open and browse to my home directory, Houdini lists all folders in there, hidden or not. I have a bunch of folders that are named like .fluxbox, .xmms, .gimp-1.3, etc.

If I type ls in a shell, I can not see this folders. If I open up nautilus or another GUI File Manager I can not see these unless I enable "show hidden files"

In Houdini, I checked the Main Preferences and there's an option to "show hidden files". The default is unchecked but I don't think it applies to the file browser.

Any thoughts?

Using Houdini 6.1.x, Linux



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Hey Rick,

I don't think there is a way to change that.

You can setenv foo '$HOME/hip' in your .tcshrc, .bashrc or .login file & typing $foo into the path parameter will bring you directly to the directory.

Or better yet, typing $foo/myhip.hip into the file parameter will open or save the file immediately.



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Hi Steve,

I didn't know Houdini will read the environment variables that I set in my .rc file. Do you know if there's a way to get my list of varibles to show up in the "Jump" dropdown menu under the file save/open dialog? I'd like to set Job specific paths like:




Currently I see HOME, TMP, JOB, etc in that menu.

I tried editing the houdini_setup file as root but my variables are not in that dropdown menu.



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