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q hotkey not dropping new tile


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Isn't the repeat last operation supposed to drop a new tile in the network?

I performed an EditSOP to a mesh, selected some points and transformed them. I hit the "q" hotkey which put me in a select state and I selected different points and transformed them. In the network view I only have 1 EditSOP. Call me crazy but I could have sworn that in the past this would drop a second EditSOP in the network.

I'm using Houdini 6.1.128 on Linux.


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I've been pretty much adding my SOP's in the network pane on an as need basis. Now I'm switching my workflow over to a mixed mode "Viewport & Network".

I now see why a 2nd Edit SOP is not added automatically with the q hotkey. For my purposes I needed to seperate my Edit SOPs for organization.

All good now. Thanks!


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