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Think about taking a set of curves and extruding them outwards, creating roads that interlink correctly.




Lately I received a few calls from people asking me to make a tutorial or release this method in some way (maybe unlock the asset).

And yes, I was (I am) thinking of making a tutorial but this will take some time.

Unlocking the asset is another possibility, I'm not sure...

What do you mean by "reversed straight skeleton" and what you'll be using it for (if you don't mind the question)?

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attached is a file that generates straight skeletons for 2d polys, roughly based on felkels straight skeleton implementation. i threw this together very quick in python and so i can´t garantee it will work on all polygons. however, it might give you some ideas and should be fairly easy to enhance into a 3d version...





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another +1 from me for a possible tutorial or something about straight skeletons.


Also, thanks petz for the file, I'm definitely going to look at that and try to understand the basics a little. I think I roughly understand how to generate a straight skeleton, but it's still a little too far outside my grasp to make my own implementation.

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