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my first pyro doubt

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Hi There,

I have been studying this tutorial


I have saved the bgeos of the upres in obj/uprespyro node and I have my display/render flags set to volumevisualization and I have ticked LOAD GEOMETRY FROM DISK.But still when i play it doesnt play the sim,instead it just plays but i dont get no sim in the openglviewport.

Please help me out.

Do i need to click the display/render flags to different nodes in the obj/uprespyro

Thank you

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I had that problem once, make sure which field your visualization node is looking at. In case of smoke it should be density.

Also check if you cached out all the fields the upres node needs when you baked your lowres sim to disk!

Hope I could help you,


yes my visualization node is pointing at density/Visualization

I have baked out my bgeos to disk but still I feel as if it plays from autodop(simulating again)

This is the file.Please check whether do i need make any changes please


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