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RGB Render Pass


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hi, Does anyone know how to render the RGB pass in Houdini like this:


I made a volumetric cloud, but I really want to render the RGB Pass and then use the pass to adjust the cloud and make it more volume like this:


I know I can use the lights to get the RGB pass, but it's just for the mesh.


so hope someone can help me.


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It's just three lights. Each one is a different color, Red, Green, Blue. You can then make each channel black and white, and mix them together in comp to adjust the lighting after the rendering is done.

right,it works for mesh, but not for volumetric cloud.


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Hi there .

maybe you can use and extra image plane in the vex variable.

In the mantra render.


thanks for your reply, mikey.

but it's not totally right for cloud, especially my camera passes through the cloud, and I can't save this "N" channel to file.

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