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Silver necklace, 3D printed

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I recently used Houdini to model a necklace for my girlfriend's birthday. It's in a few pieces, which I got 3D printed and cast in sterling silver - I've done this once before in Houdini to make a ring, but wanted to try something different this time. The design is inspired by an islamic tile pattern we saw recently while travelling in Turkey, which I re-created procedurally, then randomly broke it up and distorted the parts. The final model was then brought into Blender for cleaning up the mesh, making it watertight, adding sprues for the casting process, and exporting to STL.

I think it's really fun working this way - It's not purely generative or mathematical (which I find can easily get cliched, like obvious fractal patterns), but it's a bit like parameterising the visual design, so that there can still be an element of chance and unpredictability.

the finished print:


Some WIP shots:



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Very fancy !!

Recipe can be posted on howdini.com B)


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