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sweeping geometry


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I got the final product I was looking for, but I would like to know why

are the points twisting/rotating the way they are. I'm animating the arc angles in the circle sop so that the geometry opens up in two directions. That is what I want, but as you can see from the bottom two images its also twisting the points.The green arrows are good, the red are bad.

In the bottom two images I changed the geometryso the twisting could be more visable.

Any thoughts,



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I rebuilt the network. :lol:

What I am doing is, I have a curve that I am sweeping along the circle, to open up at one end.

When I rebuilt the network, I made my curve in the xy plane and the circle in the xz plane. For some reason this worked.

Hopefully it doesnt happen again.

Also, rather than use sweep sop, i went to particles and attached the curve to the points, this way i have so much more control for some of the effects i want to due.

Im also trying to control the alpha based on the PR or point position, I may be back for help


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