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How to activate dynamic objects based on standard SOP attributes?... t(xyz), cd, a.s.o.

For example:

I have some dynamic objects with rand v in +y. All objects reaching a specific height should start emitting smoke.

So how to access TY in DOPS ?... If i use a fractured object, how to access the data of a single fractured piece? $OBJID ?, $OBJNAME ?

Thank you


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dopfield("/obj/AutoDopNetwork", "$OBJID", "Position", "Options", 0, "ty") >= 2 did the trick for accessing the y data of my obj's. (H help :)!!)

so how can i use this data to activate another sim obj such as smoke ?

thank you

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a lot of dynamic nodes such as the Active Value DOP have an activation / active field where you can activate objects based on conditions,

you could use that dopfield expression in combination with an if statement, to activate objects dynamically.

To access point values like Cd you can use the point expression like in SOPs but with a slightly different syntax, something like:

point("/obj/dopnet1:obj0/Geometry", 0, "Cd", 0)



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thanks again maun! ....

i use: dopfield("/obj/dopnet1", "bla", "Position", "Options", 0, "ty") <= 1 && dopfield("/obj/dopnet1", "bla", "Position", "Options", 0, "ty") >= -1. along with an activation parameter. the activationprocess works fine between -1 and 1 ... the only issue is that activation occures on frame 1 of my simulation although my source object is not between -1 and 1 at that simtime ?

manu... where i can find more information about dop related expression syntax ?



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