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Shader View, does anyone use it?

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The shader view, that thing that shows the horrible OpenGL rendering of your current Shop shader.

Does anyone use this? Are there any tutorials on how it's suppose to be used or what it's for.

I always have just this sphere, that doesn't look anything like what the shader will produce at render time. For example, the shader view doesn't show any specular highlights for me.

Is it my hardware, Houdini setup or I'm just failing to use it correctly?

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Yes I do. All the time when I'm tinkering with custom shaders. At least I can get a general idea what patterns are going to look like and rough idea of spec and so forth. But as of 10, it could use a huge facelift. Haven't tried it in 12 yet.

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Yeah I think it is OPenGL. I can only hope that the reason it's slow in H12, is that it will use the GPU and try and simulate the VEX code there. That would be really cool.

Well they changed it with H12. Now the shader view actually renders the shaders and give you a pretty good idea of what it looks like.

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