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Pyro topic: fields

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I believe after searching and checking the variety of pyro files in odforce from bunker.I come to know that for a moving explosion velocity should not be set in a pyro solver instead velocity must be taken from sops by using volumes and by the use of gas calculate we must be changing the velocity values.

My question is that i see there is a shelf tool by name add fields,by clicking that a sop (scalar/vector)field with its visualisation and gas advect node is placed.Is the gas advect and gas calculate similair? can we use them for the same purpose of taking two values of the field and calculating?

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Gas Advect is added by the shelf tool as a "best guess" approximation of what you might want to do with that new field. If you don't want to advect that new field by the vel vector field, then by all means bypass it or delete it (same thing). It's also wired in to the third-from-the-left green input (advect input) of the Pyro or Smoke Solver DOP.

Just add your Gas Calculate DOP or in H12 the preferred Gas Linear Combination to mix in and adjust your custom field and wire it in to the second-from-the-left green input (velocity adjustment input) to the Pyro or Smoke Solver DOP.

Btw you can use the MMB on the input tabs of any node to see a hint as to what that input is used for. Especially useful for the Smoke and Pyro Solver DOP green inputs.

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