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H12 Pyro and the limits of my laptop


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I really dig this new version. I never thought I could get something like this using a regular laptop (i7, 8 gigs of RAM, Nvidia GT 555M).

This simulation is around 0.06 divs which I can see pushin way more in a strong desktop computer. At 0.02 this must look great but my laptop was crashing after 40 frames...which is understandable considering the memory each frame was asking for (yep, I didn´t delete the velocity. I wanted to render with motion blur) At this point I don´t think upressing will help me at all.

I´m also starting to like a lot Mario´s work on the shader. It gives a lot of options and I find it way easier to get a nice look faster.

Regarding this, I noticed that a bit of love to the Fire color with field noise adds a whole lot of detail, and generally looks better. Some of those noises are quite visible though, and will need its offset to be animated in order not to look like a simple color mask added at the compositing stage.

On the other hand, the smoke can look a bit too noisy with high frequency and tends to work better without that much noise...at least for this kind of simulation.


H12 Pyro

Any other questions...just fire away :D (I´m wondering if I might be a comedy genius or something, I tell you :P )

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