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extrude edges on a curve path


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Thank you Zarti and sorry if i was unclear

In Maya you can extrude polyEdge(s) along a path with polyExtrude command (select the curve and then the edges)

In Houdini, i am wondering how to procedurally select edges (assuming that i have already groups of points for these edges as shown in my first post)

and then extrude them along a curve.

Below are pictures showing how it is done in Maya

i wish to do this on a quite large number of procedurally changing edge groups ... ;-)

I am learning Houdini and trying to create a procedural jellyFish, i wish to be able to change it's topology: head shape, tentacles number and size, etc, etc...

and in order to be very clear, here is a little wip test showing the beast... actually i am not happy with the way the tentacles are fusing with the head, i am using a fuse SOP, but it is too difficult to end with something perfect, that's why i was thinking about extruding directly the edges...


I hope this is clear now :-)





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aahh , thats a lot better now . =)

here is my suggestion ( there might be other ways too ); see attached file ( H11 )




- whatever prim patterns you enter on prims_as_tentacles_base Group SOP , those will be replaced by a tentacle .

as a quick test you can ; > select that node > press backtick > reselect some polygons > press Enter ....

in your posted pic you wanted to start from selecting edges .

id suggest to not throw those polygons away , but use those as a base for each tentacle . ( two Blast SOPs in my file )

- modeling a tentacle procedure is inside the ForEach1 SOP .

inside that there are very few expressions just to justify 'the proceduralism' and take into account ;

1.number of sides of the base polygon

2.number of points of line path

of course that can be pushed way farther than what i did =)




hope this helps ..

( edit reason : my english .. =P )

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