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Modifiying Geometry/Point Attributes


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I'm using Flip Fluids and particle fluid emitter, and playing around with viscosity. I found at the very bottom of the flipfluidObject a checkbox to create a viscosity attribute, it says it creates and defaults to 1.

How can I change the point attribute inside dops?

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Well if you dive inside of the Flip solver you'll see that it's all just microsolvers connected to a multi solver. So you can connect your SOPSolver to the second or fourth inputs of the Flip Solver (I think, I don't have it in front of me).

Won't really do anything different, will just get rid of an unnecessary node.

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Got it.

Flip Solver + Sop Solver + Multi Solver

Hey, I was wondering if you could go into more detail on that?

I'm trying to do a sim that has varying viscosity (by attribute). I've got the initial variation working, but the DOPs viscosity values aren't updating when I change them at the SOPs level. Any advice on how you used the SOP solver to control your viscosity attribute?


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