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PolyExtrude normals are strange

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SOLVED (it was my fault in the POINT sop)

Hello all,

I'm not sure if this is normal, I don't have H10 to crossmatch, but when I use polyextrude, the result normals are "strange".

Like images show, if I extrude on Y+, the normals are parallel to the face extruded, if I extrude on Y-, the normals are, well, there aren't.


I have to attach a TRANSFORM to reorient/recreate normals.


Is this a bug or what?


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Have you noticed that xfrom1 by default recomputes point normals for you?

According to the hip file which differs from attached images the initial cube has point normals applied only on the top face. This explains why all created divisions (the right hand example) have N attribute with a value of 0,0,0.

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