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water drops


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hi there dudes, there i'm trying to replicate the waterdrops effect on surface(fruits, bottle...)

This fx is one of the most used one in commercials and it would be great to disscus it on there, it would be super "lesson" for new users like me :)

I've found a hip file on the internet in one's web site (don't remember whose site exactly). There this fx was done by simple spheres and metaballs. Here is the hip attached.WaterDrops.zip In the hip file there are two kind of droplets. Static droplets and flowing downward droplet(s) that affect static one's when it get near to static droplets. But i found some reference photos and the droplets in real world aren't in perfect rounded shape. they're kinda torn with low frequency noises. post-7977-133605070874_thumb.jpgAny ideas how to approach to such kind of task???


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