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SSS and Mantrasurface material

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In the SSS section there's a tab for creation of the point cloud. However I'm not sure if this is working. When I change it to write Point cloud, it doesn't generate anything at all, no matter where I set the file name.

If I try and create a point cloud manually, using the SSS Scatter SOP, then I can get the .pc file generated, but when I use that file in the material I get errors that it's not a valid point cloud.

My geometry is a simply Polygon Mesh Sphere, with Polygons as Subd turned on.

Is there another step that you need to follow to properly generate the .pc file?

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INteresting, but when I create a shader from scratch and add the Physical SSS VOP, then it will generate the output file! I have no idea why one is different from the other.

Have you done a full render after setting the sss pc option to write ? I had unwritten sss files when tuning shaders with IPR. The files where not written to disk until I launched a full render.

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