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CSV row paramter


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Hey, I was wondering if it's possible to make a parameter have a range that pulls from the number of rows in a csv file, so that the range minimum would be 0 and the maximum would be the number of rows. If this isn't possible does anyone have any suggestions for a way to deal with this?

EDIT: This is for a python sop otl by the way

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That's a better solution for me than how I had been doing it (limiting the rows being read), what I'm doing is putting a parameter on the sop that selects only one row from a file containing several. I was hoping there would be a way to set the minimum and maximum range of a slider to the number of rows in the currently loaded .csv. For example if the user loaded a .csv file with 20 rows the slider would have a range of 0-19, if a different file was loaded with 8 rows the range of the parameter would automatically adjust to a range of 0-7. From doing some additional research I don't think this is possible to do currently tho.

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Why bother with a slider? Just have an integer parameter with 2 components.

I know it's kind of a weird request - the otl is to read color palettes from a csv, one per row. So I was hoping to be able to drag the slider to try out different color schemes. I know you can middle mouse click and drag to adjust the parameter but I was hoping that there was a chance I could set the slider to fit the amount of rows in the file. It's not that big of an issue, I was just curious if it was possible.

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