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Why POP solver no effect on flip fluids


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Guest mantragora

I heavn't used PopSolver ever but one thing for sure just by briefly looking, you have "Use External POP" turned ON while you want to get "V" from inside of your PopSolver. If you check in details view you can see clearly that it doesn't create any force till you uncheck "Use External POP".

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Guest mantragora

Unchek, still does not work.

That's why I said that I heavn't used it before :). But you are one step closer now ;).

One interesting thing from help

This setup is useful for when a pop solver is used in the velocity update stage of a FLIP Solver or Particle Fluid Solver. It updates the velocity according to the acceleration, but does not update position, leaving that for another microsolver to integrate.

I don't know is it mean that to notice change in direction of your fluid you have to add another node to the setup ?

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the problem is written in the title

Havent looked at your file, but on the popsolver DOP there are a few things you may need to check. Set the 'Rehome Particles' to 'Left Most Generator' This makes sure the particles are 'owned' by a given pop. Without it, the particles get ignored. You probably want to uncheck 'Handle Collisions' under the collision tab. You can also set if you want to pop to only effect the velocity or accel (force) on the solver tab > Solve Mode. Typically, I set this to Update Velocity, but note if you do this AFAIK, POPs which modify force will have no effect ie Drag, Force, etc

Hope this helps

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