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how to compile a Vex code


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Hello everybody,

I downloaded from http://www.camf.com/shaderlib.html a vex shader and I was trying to install it following this instruction :

How to compile the vex code into an op type library file. (H6.x) ?

vcc -l ShaderName.otl ShaderName.vex

This will create an .otl file which can then be imported through File > Import new op type.

Ok, but it seems a bit vage to me...can anyone give me more detailed instructions??

thanks a lot,


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You can also do the compiling directly in Houdini.

1.Go to File>New Operator Type

2.Give your new OTL Name, choose Operator Style, Network Type etc.

and click Accept.

Next, go to Tools>Operator Type Manager and in the Operators tab look

for you newly created OTL. When you find it, right click on it and choose Edit Contents. Next step is to load the VFL code you got. Personally, before

I go on and load the file with VFL code I first delete the VflCode section in the Section List.

Than I load the new VFL code. For that you browse to a desired file, give

new Section a name and click Add File following Apply and Accept.

Voila! You are ready to go. If you want to test compile your new code, right

click on your new operator in the Operator Type Manager again an choose

Type Properties. You will be presented whole range of editable parameters for that OP. Click on VEX Code tab and there you will find a button for compiling.

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