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Merging Geometry from Copy SOP

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Hi all,

I'm trying to selectively reduce the point count of some curves, while maintaining the high point count near the corners.

I have used a Copy SOP to add spheres at the original corners, followed by a Group SOP to add the bounded points to a 'corner' group, followed by a Delete SOP to remove non-selected points.

The sizing of the curves changes.

When the radius of the spheres matches the curve, this whole procedure works fine. First image below.

MY PROBLEM occurs when the curve is smaller and the spheres overlap, resulting in points that should be in the 'corner' group being excluded from the group and thus incorrectly thinned out by the Delete SOP. Second image below.

So, a few questions...

(1.) How can I merge the spheres into a single unit, so that the the Group SOP has a single bounding geometry (rather than the current multiple spheres)?

A Merge SOP doesn't do this.

(2.) Is there a better way (maybe in a VOP SOP or CHOPNET?) to run through the main line points and test to see if each is within a given distance from one of the corner points, and to set an attribute if the test is true?

Thanks in advance!




The attached file is stripped down, but should give you the idea.

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The curves always going to be 90 degrees?

The originating poly curves will always have 90deg corners, which get rounded by the Convert SOP.

Conversion back to a polygon curve, as your example above did, is fine.

You can see the full project file here:

which is based (with permission) on another artist's work in another thread here on odforce.

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