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DOPs fracture inside texture


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You have to enable the "Create Output Groups" toggle in the Groups tab on the initial Voronoi Fracture SOP. Then re-run your RBD simulation with the altered input geometry.

The idea is to apply the inside shader to the "inside" group with a Material SOP.

I understand, but I don't have a voronoi fracture SOP. It's all done in DOPs and I don't know how to get the "inside" group from DOPs Voronoi Configure Object.

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Hi, guys!

I'm trying to learn how to work with Voronoi Fracture and came across the following problem.

When the materials are assigned to the "Inside groups" and "outside groups", all the sets correctly provided

Maximum Fractures value = 1, if this value is set greater than 1, then reassigning materials.

Primitives for those who were first hit Inside, are outside. How can I correct this situation that would primitives

remained in their groups and new just added to them? Or is there another solution?

Thank you for your help.


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I have the same problem when there are multiple fractures. How the UVs should be calculated for "inside prims which become outside after the second fracture"? And once calculated, how to avoid recalculating on every frame? I attach link to a post with a flipbook with my problem, with moving UVs on each frame. BTW now I have a better setup using Inside Face UVs from SideFX Labs, I was able to UV the interior for the first fracture, the problem is just happening from the second and the next ones.

Here is more related information:


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