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Can you check incoming geometry type?


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Is there an expression or method to check for incoming geometry type?

I want to check if the incoming geometry is a nurbs-curve or a polygon-line as I want to reroute each to a different procedure.


I'm creating a wall-system which will have straight segments and curved segments, I want each to be treated differently.

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You can use a Delete SOP to delete all but NURBS Curves, and another Delete SOP to delete all polygons. You can do whatever you need to do in each branch, then merge the two branches back together. For example:

           /     \              \
      keep_N    keep_P        delete_N
         |          |            |
   (proc_nurbs)  (proc_line)  delete_P
          \       /             /

where the Delete SOP keep_N deletes all prims but NURBS, and keep_L deletes all prims but polygons (open ones, hopefully). If you want to keep other primitive types that are neither type and pass them through, you'd have to add a third branch where you have 2 Deletes in serial - one to delete NURBS curves, and the other to delete polygons, and merge that into merge1. This will prevent them from appearing twice in the output.

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