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Alembic Houdini to Maya how to?


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Need help please

How ca i get .abc scene from Houdini to maya ( i know how to import from Maya).

What is the Pipeline,where or how do i connect the Alembic Archive in Houdini so i can import my simulation in Maya?

a simple novice explanation or a scene will help..

Thank you.

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in houdini, finish your animation.

goto the OUT context, click the TAB key and type "alembic".

this is an alembic ROP.

in the alembicROP choose the geometry containing your animation, choose the frame range and choose the location for your saved alembic file.

be sure to name your alembic file with and ending ".abc"

note: you are not outputting a sequence of alembic files, but rather a single alembic file that contains all frames of your animated geometry.

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