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Splitting words


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I have a sentence of words, and I'm looking for a method that would allow me to control the words (not the letters) using a particle simulation.

My guess is that if I can somehow group the words and create an attribute that identifies each word (vs each letter, which would just be $PR), I would be in business.

However I am not sure how to go about that...

I have a result that I'm having a hard time controlling using a method where each word is painted a certain color, then the ForEach uses the Cd attribute to split the letters. But for some reason it seems to be giving me issues when I try to copy the words to my particle system...

Any suggestions would be most welcome



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If you decide to use Python there are a plethora of awesome tools for working with strings. For example split() which will separate strings based on the argument like a space.

foo = 'This is my example sentence'
words = foo.split(' ')
for word in words:
print word

That puts each word into a list and then prints them, the output looks like this.


From there you just pull whatever one you want like with the index, like words[3] but the index could be an attribute from the particle. I don't have Houdini in front of me to try it out but I can send an example later if you want to try it with Python instead of Hscript expression.

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Hello Sadhu and Luke

Both those suggestions seem great. I'm not quite sure how I would create groups using arg though...I am actually using arg for a separate part of the project where I need to just need to feed an expression with a series of words that then get copy stamped.

However the Python option seems more powerful, and I am definitely interested in exploring the Python route..An example would be fantastic..

What my end goal is to be able to type in a sentence inside of an expression (or a field if I can make this an asset) and have that create a sentence that has each word in one group, or if not in a group, assigned to a custom attribute.

Hopefully that makes sense...



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