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Tomas Slancik - VFX Generalist TD - Showreel 2012

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Hi everybody,

I just found some time to put together showreel from some works from the last 2 years, mostly student projects from MA Digital Effects @ NCCA where I decided to go after 7 years of working on commercials in Slovakia.

I'm currently in London, looking for the job. I have in depth Houdini experience (>5 yerars) almost in any area of production (except HDK), I mostly enjoy solving technical problems and building intuitive assets or tools for artists or TDs.

If you know about anything or if you are currently working in the industry in London and just want to meet I would be glad to hear from you, since I know a lot of you guys just from the forums and never had a chance to actually meet you.

anyway, here are some links

(HD will be available as soon as my Vimeo HD limit resets)

Website: http://www.tomas.slancik.com

Mail: tomas.slancik@gmail.com

technical showreel will hopefully follow in near future

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Nice :)

Fire brushed and then lava dressed women is a good idea

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Nice work Tomas. Can you give some insight in how you created the blobby character rolling effect?


I like your title bars in particular ;-)

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