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Displacement and point cloud


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Hello everyone,

I'm trying to solve this problem: I use a previously baked point cloud file to paint a grid in render time, but the grid is displaced by an antialiasing noise.

The issue is some points will be displaced by the noise, of course, so they will be far enough to be no more influenced by the point cloud.

What I want is to have all those points influenced by the point cloud, then they can be displaced, or in other way, is it possible to know the position of a point before is displaced, passing this point to the pointCloudOpen, then let Mantra to displace it?

Thanks in advance.

P.S. In the zip file you'll find the scene and the geo/point cloud file. The scene is quite simple, a grid with a modified clay shader and another grid with some scattered points cached as point cloud. Those points have an attribute, distance, that is a simple black/white color based on their distance to the centre <0,0,0>. I use this point cloud to (color)mix the clay shader with a simple red. Then I use an antialiasing noise to displace the grid, but the point cloud doesn't work as expected because the displacement.


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