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zgrzewacz 2012 showreel

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Hello everyone

this is my latest showreel


showreel description:

-pyro test

-skeleton, "Vamps" dir.Amy Heckerling, rendering, particle simulations

-burning head, "Vamps" dir.Amy Heckerling, rendering, smoke simulations

-shells, "Wprost" commercial, lighting, shading, rendering, smoke simulations

-dancing woman, "Just PP" project, particle simulations

-teeth, "Giant Mechanical Men" dir. Lee Kirk, lighting, shading, rendering

-plane, "Arbitrage" dir. Nicholas Jarecki, additional clouds, lighting, shading, rendering

-gorilla fur, "Century Plywood" commercial, fur lighting, fur shading, fur rendering

-grass, "O General" commercial, fur lighting, fur shading, fur rendering

-mech, lighting, shading, rendering

-notebook, "Mix Electronics" commercial, lighting, shading, rendering

-plane, "Olt Express" commercial, lighting, shading, rendering

everything from the list above was made with Houdini and Mantra



thanks for comments


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