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I have a model already modeled, rigged and animated in Maya. Is it possible to bring in the whole geometry into houdini with the animation.

The animation is that of a flight crashing into a building. I now want to make the flight and building an rbd object and apply voronoi to fracture the building and the flight.

I also have it completely textured in Maya, so how do I bring everything, including the textures and animation into Houdini.

Please let me know if this is possible.

Thanks & regards,


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use FBX or Alembic to transfer your meshes with animations to houdini

it will bring uvs as well

if you want to export it back to maya for rendering, Alembic may be a better option especially if you have dynamic fracturing and therefore your topology changes over time

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Yeah. But the times I used Alembic, it imported the all geometry inside the hip file- don´t know how to reference it since I didn´t use alembic much. If the uv´s are ok in maya, they will be ok in houdini.

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