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Splitting a curve.


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Hey Stremik,

You can use either a Clip SOP or a Carve SOP.

With the Clip SOP, change the Keep parameter to be "All Primitives" & manipulate the Clip handle into position.

With the Carve SOP, specify when you want to split the curve then make a Reference Copy of the SOP. In the referenced SOP, uncheck "Keep Inside" & check "Keep Outside" instead.

I hope the above helps!



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Thank you old school.

Say, I was thinking that maybe it would be a good idea to have some

kind of a balloon help in the list of operators that comes up when you

right click on a "Favourite operation" button in the OP toolbar. And in the

list of operators that comes up when you hover mouse over viewport and

hit tab or backspace.

Popping up help messages right next to a mouse would be not very good

because they would be overlapping neighboring OPs in the list and one

wouldn't know where to move his mouse next, so maybe it could be an

empty area added to the bottom of the operator list where messages

would show as you move a mouse over the names of OPs.

I think this kind of improvement would be a big help! Many people(me for once)

just don't know or remember what every OP does and getting a little tip

when you are looking for the right one could prove usefull. Nothing too fancy!

Just two or three most common things that can be done with the OP.

What do you think?

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