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rendering condensation droplets

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hello everybody,

I am running into a problem and seam to be stuck.

So I am working on creating some condensation droplets on a beer can, and the drops works for what I want it to be right now (later I would like to make them look better and move)

but the problem comes up when I am rendering the drops.

The plan was to camera project the image of the can onto the proxy geo that I used to create the drops and then render out the drops with a glass/basicliquid shader while mantra is forcing the matte of the can on the drops (which should give me the drops with all the lighting and refraction from all other objects in the scene that are forcing the matte, i think at least)

and that works... I can see the colours of the can in the drops, the problem is though, that there is a huge shift in colours when I comp the drops on to the beer can.

here is the latest render using the technique described above:


I just have the feeling that it should look more like this:


Taking over the colors almost 1 to 1 which makes the drops look so much fresher and simply better.

any ideas on what I am doing wrong?

is my technique even slightly the right way of handling something like this?

any help is more then welcome:)

PS: the file is attached




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