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Diff btw RBD Solver and Rigid Body Solver ?

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I followed a tutorial DOPs Keyframe to make this exercise file. The question is that the DOP network only work fine with RBD solver, if I change the solver to Rigid Body Solver, the DOP will not work at all. But I found that the parameters in RBD solver is very similar to the parameters in Rigid Body Solver (the rbd panel).

So I want to know what is the different between the two solvers?


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Dive inside Rigid Body solver - and see what it contain inside.RigidBody solver it's just user friendly asset which combined all RBD solvers in one place.There is no difference between rigidbody solver (bullet) = buletrbdsolver , rigidbody solver (rbd) = rbd solver , rigidbody solver (ode) = Ode solver , and only one difference Rigid Body solver has menu Fracture (this one for auto fracturing).Think it will help.

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