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keys on expressions

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More likely is your keyframe has overwritten the expression...

To clarify, "expressions" (aka "function") in Houdini are owned by "keys", and "keys" in turn are owned by "channels". All keys in Houdini have a built-in "expression" which is used for evaluation until it hits the next key. For frames before the first key, the first key's expression is used. For frames after the last key, th last key's expression is used.

When you type in an expression, Houdini just creates a channel with a single key at the global animation start frame ($FSTART), using the expression you typed as its "function". Since there's only one key, then that expression is used for all time. Nothing stops you from adding more keys, nor changing the default bezier() keyframe expressions to anything else.

I think this animation structure predates Houdini itself and was there since at least PRISMS?

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