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Dynamics output driver

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Hello there :)

I'm working between Houdini education at Uni and Apprentice HD at home. Went to render out a .sim from the dynamics output driver on my home system and there is no node there.... Non existent in the tab menu and I get a python error when trying to add a new one from the shelf. I found one very old post that suggested that it is disabled in the apprentice version, which not only is a bit of a pain, but seems a little naughty as I thought the only difference was the commercial / non-commercial side of things.

I'm aware that I can just use a rop-output driver in the dopnet, or a file node. But I'm planning on outputting a lot of data for some pyro sims and it would've been great to do it via command line hrender.

If anyone has any more info or suggestions it'd be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks in advance!

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hrender is just a script that runs hbatch. So I think you should be able to write a hython or hbatch script that just loops through each frame and have it written out to disk.

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