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Hi, I'm trying to write a displacement shader that takes a curve and changes geometry (in my case a grid) to follow the curve. i can do it if the curve is simple and has origin on 0,0,0 and goes in one direction. it gets more difficult once the origin is off 0,0,0 and goes in different directions.

what's the easiest and simplest way to do this?

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Could you further expand on what you are trying to achieve?

Does the grid "walk" along the curve and need to deform according to the placing of the grid along the curve.

With shader, do you mean you are actually building this inside the /shop context, and if so, do you really need to?

if you build this within the /obj context, with SOPS this would be relatively easy to do with an attribute transfer,

transferring the point locations from the curve to the grid.

Of course you could build a shader in /shop or a VOPSOP in /obj to do this as well, if you think that would better suited.

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i would like to do this in shops because a grid is going to be instanced to a bunch of points, each with their own curve. and yes, the grid does walk along the curve. I talked to sidefx and they said that i needed to bring in the curve with primattribute in the shader, so i have done that. but i'm having trouble actually getting the curves to displace the way they are supposed to.

thank you very much for your response

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