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converting code into vops


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Hi. I'm new to Vex, but I have some C++ background, so I decided to give it a shot by trying to convert some hard code into VOPs. I used the example from the houdini help file, which is a simple point-displacement procedure:

RandMove (float height = 1;

int myseed = 1;)


vector Nf = normalize(N);

float r = random(ptnum+random(myseed)*Npt);



It all works fine in my translation to vops, except for one thing. I'm not quite sure how to represent the equality of a custom variable ® to the product of several other things, including certain point attributes that come from the global variables. I ended up multiplying r, which has a value of 1 by the product of random(ptnum+random(myseed)*Npt and used the output as a value of r. It worked fine for a sphere, however when I used it on the grid it turned it into a line, and I'm not sure why. I have attached a jpg of my network in case the description doesn't make much sense. Please, advise. Thanks a lot!!!


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