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displacement custom control?

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i have a shader question here.

i want to do some displacement on my rigidbody chunk to add detail.

let's say we have a cube,in the attatchment jpg ,it is a.(you can imagine it is a rigid chunk),

if i add noise displacement on it,i got b.

but,i do not want the top face get the displacement,because i hope the top face looks like a flat ground.

so i set the noise vector y to 0,and i got c.

the problem is the top face looks strange,the reason i think is the x z position of the top face changed,

the normal should changed too.

so,i set the normal vector y 0,then i got d,you can see,there is some change,but it did not solve the problem.

what can i do to get what i want?

i need your help.

thank you.

Peng Zhang.post-8141-0-89452800-1371629424_thumb.jp


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I think the way to go is not messing up with normals and positions.

If u are using the "displace along normal" node, just add an attribute in shops, that has a value of 0 where u don´t want displacement and 1 where u want.

Read that in shops using a parameter node with the attribute name in it, and multiply the displacement amout by this number.

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