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Found 11 results

  1. Collision issue. Why does my falling debris seem to 'float' above the surface after collision? You can see from the cast shadow that the debris is not actually in contact with the collsion heightfield. C__Users_bach4_Documents_00_WorkInProgress_Houdini_DebrisPile_RBD_v06_Megascans.hiplc - Houdini Indie Limited-Commercial 19.5.753 - Py3.9 2023-10-01 21-17-48.mp4
  2. Free video tutorial can be watched at any of these websites: Fendra Fx Vimeo Side Fx Project file can be purchased at Gumroad here: https://gumroad.com/davidtorno?sort=newest
  3. Hello, this may be very simple question, but I have struggled to find anything about the topic on my own. I am wondering how would you get pyro interact mutually with RBD packed simulation. Or what is the workflow for let's say explosion from the side of the building, when I want the explosion to be the force by which the building is being broken. I'd be super glad for any pointers or help. Thanks, Clear
  4. Hi. During Rigid Body simulation. Is there a way to scale up particles at first, And then scale down and delete at last. kind regards. popdopchramp.hip
  5. Hi. I want to change glue constraint strength depending on which object hit it. Here I want that center toy is weak, right toy is strong collider. https://imgur.com/sFXmBTO.mp4 I don't want to change the strength with keyframes, as we are actually expecting a fairly complex RBD. I want to reflect collisions that appears dynamically in DOP. I think we can use Impact point search with SOP solver. Now I want to make it in RBDBulletSolver because of H18 guide constraint, but its DOP's SOP solver of constraint is little strange. It seems to be not able to use additional SOP solver (?) https://imgur.com/EiUKQyc.mp4 and SOP solver named "Constraint_Solver" we already have cannot read impact with "Error: Infinite recursion in evaluation..." So does anyone know import Impact DOP data to RBDBulletSolver's "Constraint_Solver"? or another solution? I don't really understand the data structure of the DOP, so I'm assuming it's a simple specification. import_impact.hiplc
  6. I want know how to control the constraint primitive node. I want make the collapse the house but this house easily breaks like a cookie even though adjust the constraint primitive. I have been tried a lot before, but haven't found a way. I would be very happy if you helped me.... house.hipnc RuralStall.obj
  7. Hi peeps, I'm using the SOP solver DOP to change my geometry overtime from one sphere to multiple spheres, however, when the geometry changes to multiple spheres it's still behaving like just one object instead of individual spheres and I can't figure out why! Any help would be much appreciated and I've attached the troublesome scene file. Also, I used the RBD Fracture object for this instead of the RBD packed, because I couldn't get the results out of the SOP solver to work with RBD packed object. I unpacked the geo in the SOP solver and repacked the output with the name attribute and it wouldn't work, so also, if anyone could shed some light on that as well it would be much appreciated. Thanks. RBDs_SOP_solver_testing_01.hip
  8. Is it possible to "emit" the same RBD hero object multiple times without having to import the rbdobject node multiple times? And is it possible to do this with offsets in the positions and different activation frames? Thanks
  9. Hi guys , I'm totally beginner of houdini and I'm stucked with some problems. I set up boxes randomly in scenes, and want them to shoot at same direction. I mean, some box goes to X-axis at 3 sec, and some start to go at 6 sec like that. Here is example, I want to shoot boxes randomly to blue arrow direction. But I don't know How do I deal with Id(?) or that boxes point numbers T_T Please help me !
  10. hi all ! I am sparring my time in learning alot with Collisions and RBD sim, with the new h13. Now wat i am trying to achieve is , i have an animated character which eventually ramms into a pillar, and the pillar cracks , falls down, i have animated it, cached it, brought into Houdini as alembic file and ropd it again.. all good. but when i add that as an deforming rbd object and let it collide with the pillar i m loosing my brain there.. the problems are, its a fractured pillar and brought in as packed geo, if the gravity is on, the pillar just crumbles all the way down ... and another one is, its a huge character with lots of force in action. i cant get that as it hits, the pillar, i have attached a file and a screenshots of wat i am trying to say! take a look at it and shed some light on wat mistake i am committing in here the roped animation is also attached as a cheap way,i am just turning on gravity on a certain frame , where the character comes closer to the pillar, u can see that in the play blast.. i know i am wrong but i m still learning cheers test_1.hip untitled.mov cache_anim.zip
  11. Hi,guys, i have a shader question here. i want to do some displacement on my rigidbody chunk to add detail. let's say we have a cube,in the attatchment jpg ,it is a.(you can imagine it is a rigid chunk), if i add noise displacement on it,i got b. but,i do not want the top face get the displacement,because i hope the top face looks like a flat ground. so i set the noise vector y to 0,and i got c. the problem is the top face looks strange,the reason i think is the x z position of the top face changed, the normal should changed too. so,i set the normal vector y 0,then i got d,you can see,there is some change,but it did not solve the problem. what can i do to get what i want? i need your help. thank you. Peng Zhang. shader_displacement6.hip
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