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Reference on using Handles in DA's

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I've been trying to get a deeper understanding on how to use the handles in digital assets. And although most of the basic handles are easy to use and implement, I'd really love to learn more of the details.

For example:

Is there an overview list of the handles available in a DA's, on how to use them and what they represent?

For example: The Multi-Transformer handle.

The only meaningful parts I found in the helpfile are.

Basics Handles

Reference Persistent manipulator editor window

Are there other more detailed parts in the help file?

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Unfortunately the documentation is pretty scarce and some of the bindings are really strange. So not what you expect for example for "units".

Also I think there are lots of overlaps in the available handles. I think it's also not possible to piece them together easily. If you want a part of one handle and combine it with another part of the handle, you still inherit the parts you don't want.

There were some other issues I ran into but can't remember :)

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