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David Gary

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I just created a special operator that allow to flipbook-render (it can be mantra rendering or anything else) all your modeling network, specifying on each step the operator used, all that in one click!

I think it can be useful for teaching purposes or for the behind-the-scenes in demo reels.

Here is an example with the modeling of the head.

Watch the example here

I'd like to see people sharing their work in that way.

Hope it's interesting.

Any comments welcome!

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I ran here from "General Houdini Questions" as fast as my clicking fingers were able. I am a big believer in sharing the knowledge and this will help people get to grips how to "free model" in Houdini by the term "free modeling i mean, modeling and not looking back or worrying about the network.

When I have something to show i will be glad to show the community how it was achieved.

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Thanks Edward :) , but i'm not going to use this feature right now

( i need to feel easier with hscript, i had little newbie problems with its syntax: in particular, i couldn't use the result of "viewls -n", concatenate it with ".persp1" and the use it in viewwrite cmd. When i will have more time...)

That's it.

I made it an OTL.

Click here to download

It's in a very simple flavour here:

You launch the flipbook by yourself ( i hope it won't be too difficult).

I didn't embed the special feature where you can see printed the type of the operator used because i don't know which option users will prefer: a Font SOP/ a Font COP composited with the flipbook.

Feel free to improve it!

Of course, this only works well with "linear networks" since at each time, it takes output no 0 ( the first output coming from the left i guess)

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