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Fracture effect Trembling issue


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Hi, I would like to get some advice about Fracture Effect.

I break geometry by sphere.

When I break the geometry, broken geometries are trembling around the sphere.

1. How can I catch the trembling?

2. Before I break the Geometry, some of small piece is broken. How can I catch them?



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First of all check your glue pieces node and be sure you use the right name for - (piece - name after fracturing and name in glue cluster should be same).

your geometry looks quite concave - and for better convex decomposition you probably can use more pieces and after glue piece you can cluster them into bigger pieces.In dop see to collision pading and adjustment factor it shouldn't be too big and too small.And look at physical tab to assign right material properties.And as well you can increase the number of substeps in bullet solver.

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