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Create a large scale wave


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I'm working on personal project that have a shot with large wave and having trouble with it. I'm trying to make those kind a wave.



and here is reference video.

I have a basic set up for ocean from shelf tool but it's hard to figure out make that kind of huge wave.

so How can I make that kind wave with ocean tool?? it would be grateful for any answer.

Thank you

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The ocean tools don't do breaking waves. You'll have to rig something yourself for it. There is an example file here: https://vimeo.com/54002693 that does a breaking wave.

I was going to say check out the special features on Surf's Up but that's basically the same idea, and there's a scene file! Nice link.

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So this is basic idea of make a breaking waves... I still wonder how to make a white water though.

I mean breaking waves make in SOP level not a DOP so I just wonder how to grab a top of the wave and emit particle.

and Thank you all for the answer the question and the paper!!! :) :) :)

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You can probably use a measure sop, and find the areas that have the most deformation. Emit particles from there. Otherwise there's probably a way based on the actual vop that's doing the deformation to pick up where that area is.

Oh i see ...

I really appreciate for your answer!! :) :)

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