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Re-shape overlapping Lsystem

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Edit: The title says Lsystem but I mean "pipes" instead, sorry about that.

I have few pipes that are just one object and overlapping through each other, which messes with my next operations. I've tried to Remesh, Smooth, and Fuse the overlapping primitives but none have been helpful at all. Is there a way I can get to connect the pipe to another one?



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Excellent! I almost forgot about the Bridge SOP, Tmdag! Although Bridge SOP did a tiny effect on the matter but not entirely, it had a long way to get most of these issues fixed. And I'm not sure how Cookie SOP can connect pipes in one geometry?

I completely agree with you and that's a great procedure on modeling in Houdini, donluco. Unfortunately, I didn't create the pipes myself, it was sent to me from another artist whom created the Pipes via a script in Maya. The problem was these pipes were passing through each other. It looked like this with overlapping:

Fortunately, I've managed to fix these overlapping issues with Smooth SOP and pass it on in time :ph34r:

Thank you to both of you for your comments, tips and suggestions :wub:

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