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probably not directly from within VOP SOP, but you can convert your VOP SOP into Subnet->HDA then

include sphere SOP inside of the HDA (but still keep display flag on VOP sop chain), link parameters as you wish and set Sphere SOP as Guide Geometry on HDA Type Properties Window


if you can find appropriate handle, you can bind that handle directly to your fit parms on your HDA

(and in that case maybe even defining your SOP in pure VEX and using #pragma bindhandle would work)

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I tried the first case. I'm not sure if its different once you make the HDA, but setting the pink flag display sphere did not work within a subnet. once you dive back out of the subnet the template geo disappears :(. I could probably create a wireframe model then merge both the sphere and the vopSop together... but I'm not sure how to strip out the sphere after the merge, yet still display it.

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You are talking about templating the geometry (pink flag). That's not the right way to create guides. You have to point your node as the Guide Geometry in the Edit Operator Type Properties dialog, which will show it in the viewport, but it won't be part of the output geometry from your node.

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