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Is VEX geometry creation multi-threaded?


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It's parallel with batches of certain size of points (I don't know how big they have to be). So if you are going to generate geometry using attribute wrangle in detail mode, then no matter how complex your geometry is going to be, it will be serial.

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Thanks kgoossens, that was also my assumption about the Detail mode. I am not sure about the other cases though. Where did you get the information it's parallel though?

The detail mode is interesting but I also found that there was no way to set the attributes on these new points in the same Wrangle SOP. Did you perhaps do anything on that area? :)

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For the variable you need to use the addvariablename function.

void addvariablename(string aname, string vname)

VEX executes on elements in pages of 1024. So everything below that won't be multithreaded.

I think this is only true for editing existing geometry and not for creating new geometry.

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