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Houdini Engine demonstrations


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Hi all,

The new Houdini Engine plugin is great :)
It got me inspired to make a demo of it right away:

A short demo of the new Houdini plugin for Unity.
I've created a HDA (Houdini Digital Asset) and saved this inside an OTL.
This can then be used with the new plugin.

The plugin is currently in Open-Beta and comes with the free apprentice version of Houdini,
There is also a plugin available for Maya:

The example in this video is about the generation of terrain and road networks.

Music: Lee Maddeford - Wheel of fortune (with Les Gauchers Orchestra)

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Hey Maitland,


I make a distinction between rectangular and circular objects and make sure the instance points would not make them intersect.

This is done by using the scale of the objects.


If the distance between two objects is between the radius to the middle and to the corner,

the objects are turned toward each other.

That makes it seem that the boxes are nicely snapped to each other.


The sort of the same trick is done with the walls, it will direct objects away from the wall and then snap them to them if they are close.



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