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voronoi - how do you create groups by seed?


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Hi guys,

I'm relative new to houdini, so hope to ask something that make sense.

I'm shattering an asset that I need then to export for the sim in maya (don't ask why, it's the pipeline here!). The geo that I load is made by many primitives. So when I shatter it with few points, I have what you see the picture.

I was wondering if there is any way to create groups based on the voronoi points, so that I have only 6 pieces in this case. Given that I will export the geo based on group names, in this way it would give me only 6 meshes in maya.

Also, how would you setup the explodedview node so I can see those groups and not the separate pieces?



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On the second question, you could take a look at an orbolt asset called Exploded View Groups to see if it is what you need:


Actually the 2nd question has been solved automatically when I found the solution for the 1st (that was much easier that I thought in my newbie mind, so even the title of thread was misleading)

Thanks for the links, I'll look into it anyway, I'm sure it can be useful soon or later.

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