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Houdini - Nuke pipeline tutorial

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Hello everyone. I recently finished a small personal project of a car crash made entirely in Houdini and comped in NukeX. I figured I'll post a tutorial of how it was done.

It is aimed at intermediate or beginner, you should know your way around Houdini and Nuke's interface.

Houdini FX

It includes rigid and soft body dynamics, plastic deformation rig, baking animation in CHOPS and rendering using mantra.


Color correction, lens distortion, camera solve, working in Nuke's 3D space and comping mantra passes.


Hope you find it useful.

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In your Part 2 video, you use a fetch node at object level to get the transforms of a DOP Object. This doesn't work for me. The fetch node just errors saying Cannot find object "/obj/AutoDopNetwork/sphere_A".

Not quite sure how you are getting that to work...

EDIT: Ooops, didn't see that you used a colon to get it. My bad. Works now.

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Sorry for late reply, w/o that colon it wont work. Thank you for taking a look at my tut.

I added project files links are in the description of th evideos, couldnt include the models but other than that everything should be in tact.

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