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Are DOP particles less accurate then old POPs?


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I am using a fog volume to bounce some particles off of it for experiment, as I know this is not the best way. But when I made the exact same setup in old POPs, they weren't leaking from the surface.

I had to increase subsets of the new POPs to 2, just to make it barely as accurate as the old POPs.

Is this a known thing or is it all in my head?

Thanks :)

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difficult to tell since you are using custom things, what do you mean using fog volume? do you mean SDF?

POP DOPs automatically bounce off SDFs of DOP geometry if present, anyway I didn't compare the accuracy so if you have any simple example showing the problem we may be able to track it down

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Thanks anim, I attached my file. The old POPs setup, I got it from a scene on this forum but both setups should be identical if I am not wrong.

The original setup was using a fog volume so that's why I am using that.

Basically I have 2 questions. I don't know why the red particles (new POPs) sink slowly instead of staying above the surface like the blue particles (old POPs). If you increase substeps, then you don't get that sinking.

Also is there a way to use volumesample and volumegradient instead of their "From File" counterparts in old POPs? Because the new POPVOP allows you to map the inputs so you can map the first input to the first input of the popnet, but the old POPVOP doesn't seem to allow that.

Can that be done? Because I generally prefer using OpInput versions for ease of use.

Thanks again :)

particles bouncing.hip

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