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How to use SOPs to control particles inside DOPs?


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Is it possible to use SOPs to control particles in DOPs? I tried both SOP Geometry DOP and the SOP Solver DOP but couldn't get it to work.


I know I can do this after the popnet easily, but I thought maybe I could also use SOPs inside DOPs as part of the POP network to influence particles. Is this reasonable?


For example I might have a SOP that modifies velocities that I could use as part of the POP network inside of doing it afterwards since the results wouldn't be the same as influencing the particles inside the popnet.


How would I go about doing this?



Thanks :)

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yes, it's completely possible, that's what the new particles are based on, just modifying geometry attributes, so you can use GeometryVOP DOP, Sop Solver, POPVOP DOP, ...


but instead of modifying v directly (which you can and will work as well) it's better to use force attribute for forces and airresist + targetv for wind

maybe watching this can help you better understand new particles



also have a look inside of POP DOPs, as they contain nodes like POPVOP, GeometryVOP, Geometry Wrangle, POP Wrangle, SOP Solver, ... so you can learn directly from existing pops

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Thanks anim, that's very helpful. Can I use SOP Geometry DOP though? I feel SOP Solver would be more costly because of being time dependent inside a time dependent network (dopnet)?


Also if I can use either one (SOP Solver or SOP Geometry), where should I be placing the node? Placing it on the post solve side errored out and it didn't do anything when I placed it after the POP Object.


I am looking inside the POPs like you said, and it's helping alot in uncovering the new particles and DOPs in general. It takes time but very useful.


That's why I can easily use POP VOP and Geometry VOP on particle as well as the POP Wrangle but I never saw any POP that actually uses the SOP context, with Add, PointJitter, etc.


I will experimenting with updating force instead of velocity. There was an Add Wind Force VOP for this I think.

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POP Source or POP Replicate use SOP Solver (so full sop context as you probably want) so have a look at that


I don't get what you mean SOP Solver would be costly, it's the DOP network which makes it time dependent as it's simulating stuff, but there is no second time dependency unless you use something inside of it that wants to simulate as well, which I don't recommend


SOP Geometry DOP is for attaching Geometry Data, it's not a solver so you can't really use it to modify data, just to set it or overwrite

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