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To write a custom IFD generator I'd like to know if there's a C++ library for generating IFDs?


Or at least some better references than within the documentation to get some more details on how to fully describe geometry etc.. Right now writing out IFDs and look inside to see what properties can and need to be defined.


Thanks a lot!







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Geometry inside IFD files is represented as standard bgeo object either ascii or binary, so once you know these, you know how to save geometry. Other than that, I don't think you'll find much help in that department, because semi-private status of IFD files isn't accidental afaik considering Mantra comes with Houdini for free. You may also take a look into SOHO python module and its documentation in HDK, The intended way of writing custom IFD generator, is to create standalone application linked with HDK, which gives you access to any Houdini node, so you have like hscript but specialized to your needs. This would require hbatch license per every instance of your custom binary though, and this is why IFD  is not public (like RIB standard). You can obviously hack it easily, but it hardly be production reliable plugin for 3d app of your choice.


You may also take a look into contrib section of Cortex library which has an experimental implementation of custom exporter for Mantra.

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Hey guys! Thanks so much for your input!

Yes I looked into the mantra commands but couldn't find enough details about the IFD format. I've manually created some IFDs for which I knew the details of the geometry and used that as a starting point. I don't plan to render super complex geometry this way (not even speaking of FX), but rather render additional elements to our CG.

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